Jump Higher - Improve Vertical Jump

By Josh Neumann

To start off with, I get people all the time complementing me on how much higher I can jump than I used to. To make a long story short, I did a vertical jump program a few summers back, and gained 11 inches on my vertical jump in just 12 weeks. I proceeded to use the program 4 more times, and when it was all said and done, I had seen an incredible 20' inch increase overall. I went from not even being able to touch the rim, to doing 360’s and monster windmills. So how did this happen?

I wish I could say it was easy, and I barely did anything, but I would be lying. It was a lot of work. I literally couldn’t move on some occasions after the workouts, the exercises were so intense. Sometimes I had to stop during the middle of the exercises out of pure exhaustion. I gave up doing other things everyday at my allotted time period so I could workout. But I pressed on, and I saw unbelievable results in the process. However, vertical jump exercises weren't the only thing I did to see such an increase.

jump higherJust last year, I realized the difference that eating right can make on the vertical jump. I used to eat a lot of meat and dairy products-but when I started to eat a lot more raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and grains, and cut out nearly all meat and dairy products, I saw a huge increase in my energy level, as well as my vertical jump. Quite simply, what you put into your body can make or break your vertical jump.

So, to sum up, yes, it is possible to gain a lot of inches, and in a short period of time. Just realize that you have to be very disciplined. No, eating right isn’t always easy but well worth the effort. Also, one final tip: it is best to do the jump exercises everyday at the exact same time; otherwise, you're schedule tends to get in the way, and it makes it very hard to keep doing the exercises. Just exercise a little discipline, eat right, work hard, and like me, you very well could double (or more) your vertical jump.

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