The Ultimate Track & Field Drill Library

Welcome to We've selected more than 127 simple, fun and effective track & field drills covering every fundamental skill. It's everything you need to engage your kids in practice, improve their skills, and set new personal bests!

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Jump To Run Drill

This is a great drill to improve a runner’s ability to explode and accelerate out of the blocks. Athlete starts by getting down into a standing long jump position, explodes out with full extension, and lands on one foot then accelerates forward.

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Bullet Train Drill

A more intensive version of the fast leg, this drill will help develop a fundamental stride but has the added benefit of being a conditioning exercise as well.

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Stationary Fastclaw Drill

Many sprinters make the mistake of kicking their foot outward instead of extending downwards. This puts extra tension on the knee joint and specifically the patella tendon, which can lead to injuries down the line. This is a great drill to improve a sprinters movements by teaching them how to properly ‘trigger’

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Barefoot Warmup Drill

Athletes will jog around the track using a wide range of movements to prepare your feet and body for dynamic, explosive training in this great warm-up drill.

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