Pole Vaulting Poles Made of Nanotubes

By Lance Winslow

Any Track and Field Pole Vaulting can tell you the problem of poles breaking. But imaging a flexible material stronger than steal by fifty times, a material flexible that you could put any amount of human energy you could muster from running a full speed and jamming it down into a little box, without worry of it breaking. You would have the trust to go beyond limits of current records.

In fact as such a material was introduced to the sport of pole vaulting all records would shattered in a couple of years. No world record from any Olympics previously run could hold. The safety of the sport would be vastly improved and the heights of the vaults would be at least a third higher.pole vaulting

Even us novice pole-vaulters would see an immediate improvement and the rush of the experience of thrusting into the air on a single pound. With the improved safety and the decreased injury rates the competition would be even more intense and thus improving the sports records even more. The current pole vault poles are dangerous and break too often and do not provide the proper level of comfort needed to push the limits of the human athletic ability and levels we can achieve with Pole Vaulting Poles made of Nanotubes. Think on this.

Lance Winslow, a retired entrepreneur, adventurer, modern day philosopher and perpetual tourist.

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