Balance and stability of the lower body


  1. This drill helps develop change of direction skills, good core strength and lower body balance.
  2. Stand on one foot (1).
  3. Take a moderate hop backward (2).
  4. Stick and hold the landing on the same foot that you jumped with. Hold the landing for
    approximately three seconds (3).
  5. Then hop backward to the location you started from using the opposite foot.
  6. One jump with each foot equals one repetition.

Coaching Tips:

  1. Maintain control by flexing your knee and your hip 
  2. Try to get down to a 90 degree angle with the knee joint 
  3. Control the core of your body

For Younger Athletes:

  • Simplify instructions: Keep the instructions simple and clear for younger athletes to follow easily.
  • Encourage gradual progression: Start with smaller hops and shorter hold times, gradually increasing difficulty as players become more proficient.
  • Provide positive reinforcement: Offer praise and encouragement to younger players to boost their confidence and motivation during practice.

For Older Athletes:

  • Focus on precision: Challenge older athletes to focus on precise movements and form, ensuring they maintain proper technique throughout the drill.
  • Increase intensity: Introduce variations such as higher hops or longer hold times to challenge older players and enhance their strength and stability.
  • Incorporate plyometrics: Combine the backward jump with other plyometric exercises to improve explosiveness and power in the lower body for more experienced athletes.