To prepare your feet and body  for dynamic, explosive training.


No equipment needed. Have athletes begin in a line on the track.

Barefoot Wamrup: Athletes jogging around the track using a wide range of movements.


  1. On the coach’s command, the athletes will begin to walk around the track. They will complete 1 lap around the track walking.
  2. Next, have the athletes jog around the track.
  3. They should incorporate a wide range of movements as they jog – rotating their arms, backpedaling, sidestepping, carioca. We want to get the whole body loose and warm.

Coaching Tips:

  • Most of the training our runners do will be in cross trainers – comfy shoes that have an added layer of protection to prevent soreness and/or injury. The issue is that the shoes our athletes wear when competing  – spiked track shoes – do not offer that same level of support. 
  • By having our players warmup in barefoot, they are more prepared for the level of cushioning and support they will have when competing.
  • It may be too cold or wet to do barefoot training outside, or you just may not have access to a facility where walking barefoot is feasible. Find a way – whether that’s inside in the gym, in the school hallways – find a safe, comfortable place to incorporate this warmup for you athletes.

Tips for Younger Athletes:

  • Encourage them to focus on the sensations in their feet during the barefoot warmup, helping them develop a better understanding of foot mechanics and ground contact.
  • Remind them to start slowly and increase their pace gradually to avoid any potential strain or injury.
  • Teach the importance of posture and balance while performing different movements, as barefoot training can enhance their overall body awareness.

Tips for Older Athletes:

  • Emphasize the need for controlled movements to improve proprioception and strengthen the muscles in the feet and ankles.
  • Introduce more complex movements like quick directional changes or balance-focused exercises to challenge their agility and stability.
  • Encourage them to use this time to mentally prepare for training, focusing on their goals and the techniques they will use.