To develop core strength.


No equipment needed. Have athletes begin in a line lying face down on the track.

Barrel Roll Drill: Athlete preparing to roll on the ground.


1. The athlete on the ground will begin in the superman position, with their arms land legs lifted a few inches up off the ground.
2. On the coach’s command, the athlete will begin rolling on the ground while keeping their arms and legs lifted up into the air.
3. Athlete will perform 3 rolls ro the right, 3 rolls to the left.

Coaching Tips: 

  • If the athlete is performing this drill correctly the only parts of their body that should be making contact with the ground are their hips and a little bit of the sides of the legs and the lower torso.
  • Encourage athletes to maintain control over their movements. The roll should be smooth and controlled, not too fast, to ensure proper form and maximize core engagement.
  • Teach athletes to synchronize their breathing with the rolling motion. Inhale during the roll and exhale when returning to the starting position, which aids in maintaining rhythm and core stability.
  • Remind athletes to keep their limbs straight and extended. Arms should be stretched out ahead and legs kept straight, which helps in engaging the right core muscles.

Tips for Younger Athletes:

  • Instruct younger athletes on how to engage their core muscles properly. Explain how keeping their arms and legs lifted engages their core, and demonstrate the correct form.
  • Simplify the rolling process by breaking it down into smaller steps. Show them how to start with a partial roll, gradually building up to a complete roll as they get more comfortable.
  • Incorporate a fun element, like counting out loud each roll, to keep younger athletes engaged and entertained throughout the drill.

Tips for Older Athletes:

  • Challenge older athletes by increasing the number of rolls, or by having them hold the superman pose for a few seconds before rolling. This intensifies the workout and further strengthens the core.
  • Stress the importance of uniformity in their rolls. Each roll should be consistent in form and execution to ensure balanced core development.
  • Older athletes can benefit from integrating flexibility exercises before and after the drill to improve range of motion and prevent injury. Stretching the back, hips, and shoulders can enhance their ability to perform the drill effectively.