To work on explosive movements and improve acceleration.


No equipment needed. Find a wall and have the athletes spread out facing the wall.

Doubles Drill: While leaning against a wall, athlete explodes off back leg while simultaneously bringing the front leg back, then immediately swaps back again.


  1. The athletes will begin by putting their hands on the wall and leaning against it, getting their feet as far away from the wall as they can.
  2. Next, they will lift up one foot, loading their weight onto the other leg.
  3. Coach will yell out “Switch!”, triggering the athlete to explode off the back leg and bring the front leg down, then immediately explode another time, returning to the starting position.
  4. The coach will continue to yell “Switch!” every few seconds for 30-60 seconds.

Coaching Tips:

  • Again, make sure to  double check the position of the front leg – it should be in the air with the knee bent and the shin of the front leg parallel to the one behind.
  • To make this drill a little more difficult, we can also do ‘Triples’, with the athlete quickly swapping foot position 3 times on the coach’s command.
  • The last variation we can do is something called “Six Second Push”.
  • For this variation of the wall drill the coach will out “Switch!” and the athlete will explode and swap the legs back and forth as fast as they can for 6 total seconds.