Runner builds rhythm in his or her stride making the energy expended in the stride efficient and effective.


  • The sprinters should have a clear track or grass area of about 50 to 60m in length.

How it Works

  1. The runner begins this drill at half speed, focusing on getting the heels back near the buttocks with each exaggerated stride.
  2. Half speed strides with the heels coming back should go for 50m. The runner should rest and repeat… rest and repeat.

Coaching Tips

  • Speed is not important in this drill – form and execution of the heel kick is what the sprinter should focus on.
  • The sprinter needs to focus on creating a rhythmic motion – not one that is wild and unpredictable. Energy that is expended during a sprint needs to be focused – and this drill should help the runner work on form and rhythm during their sprint.