Runners build their acceleration by learning the correct lean technique.


  1. You need a clear track, and if you want to you can set up a tape across the lanes of the track for runners to make sure they are leaning under.

How it Works

  1. Runner lines up in starting blocks.
  2. Once the runner bursts from the blocks, the shoulders need to be kept low while the legs drive forward and the arms drive the body forward.
  3. Tape can be set up at different intervals to help train the runner to stay low, and incrementally raise their body to an upright position.

Coaching Tips

  • Stress the greater the lean, the greater the acceleration.
  • When a runner bursts from the blocks, they need to keep their body angled forward – but they must keep their body down.
  • This drill is designed to make sure that a runner keeps the lean and continues to accelerate.