Sprinters learn to increase stride number and length, while decreasing timesapping ground contact.


  • Lay sticks about 4 feet apart for youths (increase to 5 feet between sticks for older runners) over about a 20 meter area.

How it Works

  1. From a standing start (and about a 5m rolling start), the sprinter runs over the sticks and does not touch any of them.
  2. This should be done three to five times per week for a month of training.
  3. Then, coaches should start to increase the distance between the sticks by about 6 inches at a time.

Coaching Tips

  • The runner’s focus in this drill should not be on trying to stride long enough to leap over the sticks, but rather to increase the numbers of strides in between the sticks.
  • The stride length will naturally increase with this drill when the distance between the sticks increases.
  • The sprinter should not ever have to reach out with their stride in order to cross over the sticks.