To improve coordination and flexibility.


Setup 6 hurdles one after another.
Have your athletes line up behind the first hurdle.

Straight Hurdle Walkover Drill: Athlete performing hurdle walkover alternating legs with each hurdle.


  1. On the coach’s command, the athletes will begin to walk forward, one hurdle at a time.
  2. For the first set, the athlete will alternate legs, stepping over first with the right leg, then the left, repeating back and forth all the way down.
  3. Once they clear the last hurdle, have the athlete return to the beginning of the line and repeat.
  4. Next, have the athlete repeat the drill, but this time they will step over the first hurdle with their right leg, then step over with their left leg and bring it down in the same place in between hurdles 1 and 2.
  5. They will make their way down, stepping in between each hurdle with both feet until they step over the last hurdle.
  6. The athlete will then repeat but stepping first with the opposite leg.

Coaching Tips:

  • Make sure the athlete is staying up on their toes, never letting the  heel touch the ground
  • Emphasize the importance of keeping the hips square, sweeping their arms to maintain balance.