A challenging drill that will improve your sprinter’s ability to explode off the blocks as well as their comfort and confidence with getting into an accelerated posture. 


Setup 10 cones in a line about 10 meters apart.

Have the sprinters begin at one end of the line.


  1. The athlete will begin by getting into a set position.
  2. They will then slowly lower themselves until their nose is just off the ground.
  3. On the coach’s command, the athlete will push off the ground with their hands.
  4. The athlete will then clap their hands and immediately push off the line, accelerating out of that suspended position into a sprint.
  5. They will then accelerate forwards for about 10-15 meters before breaking back down into a light jog for the next 10-15 meters.
  6. Repeat all the way down the track.

Coaching Tips:

  • One of the greatest benefits of this drill is that it will teach your sprinters to have faith in their feet – they will be suspended in the air at a very steep angle, and the only thing that will prevent them from falling flat on their face is a strong push off the blocks.
  • Immediately after the clap, emphasize the importance of pumping the arms – this will help trigger the legs and get an even more explosive start off the blocks.