Shot Put

Team Warmup (15 Minutes)

Jogging Warmup: 2-3 Laps, Jog Forward, Skip Forward, Jog Backward, Skip Backward, Side Shuffles

Dynamic Warmup: Arm Swings, Leg Swings Side to Side & Front to Back, Glute Kick Run, Straight Leg Bound, High Knee Run, Backwards Run

Team Static Stretch: Shoulder/Chest, Butterfly, Seated Hamstring, Hip Twist, Kneeling Hip Flexor, Quads, Calves

Build-Ups: 3 x 80m – 60%, 80%, 80%

Shot Put Drills (40 Minutes)

Wrist Flips Drill (10 Minutes)

Purpose:  Works on getting a good trajectory and on release point and extension.

Setup:  You need a shot put and an open area to throw it.

How It Works:

1.  The thrower stands at the front edge of the throwing circle, exactly where they would be releasing the shot put in competition.

2.  They hold the shot put against their jaw in the position just prior to releasing the shot put.

3.  Then, instead of thrusting forward, the thrower slowly extends their arm up at a 45 degree angle and then flips the shot put off the end of their fingertips.

4.  This simulates the wrist flip they should get when throwing the shot put in competition.

Coaching Tips: 

A common error for beginning shot putters is not extending or “snapping” the wrist. The thrower should “flick” the shot put off their fingertips to add inches to their throw. Watch for a proper release with a good wrist extension. You don’t want the athlete to simply let go of the shot. They should be snapping their wrist.

Seated Throw Drill (10 Minutes)

Purpose:  Builds shoulder, arm and core strength. Also, allows thrower to focus on the shoulder and arm action of the release.

Setup:  You need a stable chair that can support the weight of the athlete, the shot put, and the motion to throw the shot put from the chair.

How It Works:

1.  Thrower should hold the shot put as they normally would just prior to the release.

2.  The bottom should be firmly planted on the chair during this drill, and the legs should be spread far enough to hold the body stable during the drill.

3.  The elbow should be kept high during the delivery.

Coaching Tips: 

Watch for proper release point and the right trajectory when the thrower is delivering the shot put.
Keep track of the change in distance of the seated throw in order to track overall progress.

Kneeling Shot Put Drill (10 Minutes)

Purpose:  Works on throwing technique with a focus on the arm motion.

Setup:  Thrower kneels down on right knee in the shot put circle.

How It Works:

1.  Thrower faces forward while kneeling.

2.  Free arm is extended out toward the throwing area.

3.  Cradle the shot against the jaw and neck and throw it using correct arm extension and wrist action.

Coaching Tips: 

In this drill, the left or free arm remains extended at the midline of the body. This drill is not about distance on the throw it is about developing proper throwing technique. Watch the arm action carefully for good extension and the wrist for a good snapping action on the throw.

Full Throw Drill (10 Minutes)

Purpose:  Works on the complete shot put throwing process.

Setup:  Thrower sets up in shot put circle with a shot put.

How It Works:

1.  The thrower executes their full throwing motion, including the reverse, and throws the shot put forward.

Coaching Tips: 

Make sure thrower stays in the shot put ring through the entire throwing process.
Also, look for explosive extension of the hips and legs during the reverse and the forward motion.

Team Cooldown (15 Minutes)

Jogging Cool Down (5 Minutes): 1-2 Laps, Jog Forward, Jog Backward, Side Shuffles

200m Walking (5 Minutes): Heel Walk, Backwards Walk

Team Static Stretch (5 Minutes): Shoulder/Chest, Groin, Hips, Quads, Calves

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