Track - Baton - Cones

Team Warmup (15 Minutes)

Jogging Warmup: 2-3 Laps, Jog Forward, Skip Forward, Jog Backward, Skip Backward, Side Shuffles

Dynamic Warmup: Arm Swings, Leg Swings Side to Side & Front to Back, Glute Kick Run, Straight Leg Bound, High Knee Run, Backwards Run

Team Static Stretch: Shoulder/Chest, Butterfly, Seated Hamstring, Hip Twist, Kneeling Hip Flexor, Quads, Calves

Build-Ups: 3 x 80m – 60%, 80%, 80%

Sprint Relay Drills (60 Minutes)

Line Spacing Relay Drill (15 Minutes)

Purpose:  Runners practice passing the baton.

Setup:  Four runners line up, with arms extended to maintain proper spacing. They line up along a surface with a line down the middle – like a track or tile floor

How It Works:

1.  Runners stand with feet stationary. They pump their arms in a running motion.

2.  First runner has the baton.

3.  Coach says “Go.”

4.  Second runner reaches back to receive baton.

5.  Runners continue moving their arms. Coach says, “Go” again.

6.  Third runner reaches back to receive baton.

7.  Drill continues through fourth runner.

Coaching Tips: 

When passing baton, for example, from runner’s right hand to receiver’s left, the passer is on the left side of the line and the receiver is on the right. The opposite is true for left hand to right hand pass.
Emphasize that neither runner should ever move across the line with their feet.
You can shuffle runners around to see who passes and receives better with their right or left hands.

Accelerate But Don't Pass Relay Drill (15 Minutes)

Purpose:  Runners get used to the speed of the relay and work on the timing of the handoff.

Setup:   Mark out acceleration and exchange zones on a track using cones or cut up tennis balls.

How It Works:

1.  Receiver runs at full speed from acceleration zone into the exchange zone.

2. He or she counts their steps “one-three-five-seven” and puts hand back to receive the baton.

3. Passer follows and accelerates into position but doesn’t pass the baton.

Coaching Tips: 

This drill is about developing timing. Runners should be accelerating to full speed.
Receiver should be maintaining proper form when reaching back for baton.
Head should not turn back. Receiver should be looking straight ahead.

7 Step Relay Drill (15 Minutes)

Purpose:  Runners practice the seven steps that its should take them to go from acceleration zone into exchange zone.

Setup:  Four runners line up in a row with proper spacing. First runner has baton

How It Works:

1.  Runners pump their arms and move their feet in place.

2. Coach counts out: “one-three-five-seven” to simulate the seven steps it takes to go from acceleration zone to exchange zone.

3. If first pass is right hand to left hand runners raise their left legs together and coach says, “One” when left leg hits the ground.

4. He says, “three” when left leg hits again. Then “five” and then “seven.”

5. On “seven,” the first receiver reaches back to receive the baton.

Coaching Tips: 

Make sure each receiver observes the proper fundamentals when reaching back for the baton. Elbow back first, leading the forearm and hand. Palm is up and arm is fully extended near shoulder height.
Drill can be run at different tempos and should get faster over time.

Sprinting Relay Drill (15 Minutes)

Purpose:  Runners practice making handoffs at or near full speed.

Setup:  Sprinters need a clear track or area of grass.

How It Works:

1.  Perform this drill with two runners, one has a baton.

2. The runners jog for a distance in staggered positions.

3. The runner with the baton yells “go”.

4. Both runners spring for a short distance.

5. Runner with baton yells “stick” (or whatever command you prefer).

6. The two runners complete a handoff.

Coaching Tips: 

Make sure runners maintain their speed when handing off.
The drill may have to run a few times in order for the runners to match up their speeds and complete the handoff smoothly.
Having multiple pairs of runners complete this drill at the same time while running in adjacent lanes will give the runners a better feeling of what it will be like during a race.

Team Cooldown (15 Minutes)

Jogging Cool Down (5 Minutes): 1-2 Laps, Jog Forward, Jog Backward, Side Shuffles

200m Walking (5 Minutes): Heel Walk, Backwards Walk

Team Static Stretch (5 Minutes): Shoulder/Chest, Groin, Hips, Quads, Calves

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