This drill helps runners develop an end-of-the race burst.


  • You will need an open track for the runner to run a specific distance – depending on what event they are working on.

How it Works

  1. Once the runner reaches the final 50 to 100m (depending on the length of the race), they need to increase their acceleration for that final stretch.
  2. It is important for the runner to finish the race strong, and not lag behind.

Coaching Tips

  • Chart the final 50 or 100m time of the distance runners over the course of the season using this drill. A steady decrease in the final distance times will indicate that the runner is making the right progress with their training.
  • Remember, this drill is meant to help the runner learn to keep just a little boost in reserve for the final 50 to 100 meters – so make sure to stress the importance of “leaving a little something in the tank” for the finish.
  • Note: Runners should not be holding too much in reserve to the point it detrimentally affects their overall event time. They should be running at their regular pace, and then kick it into another gear.