Athletes learn how to squeeze out a few extra inches at the end of a jump.


  • Work on this drill with a stage (as in a gymnasium) and a large pit for the jumper to land in on the floor below.

How it Works

  1. With a two or three stride approach, at the edge of the stage the jumper takes off using the proper technique, however they tuck their legs up to the point where the heels nearly meet the behind.
  2. The jumper continues through the air in this fashion until they hit the apex height of the jump.
  3. At this point, the jumper extends his or her arms behind them and the legs straight out in front of them.

Coaching Tips

  • The behind and the legs should hit the pit at the same time.
  • The jumper’s focus during this drill should be on simulating the forward extension of the legs in the final moment of the long jump.