Jumpers build strength in their legs and also work on the lift technique of the jump.


  • Mark off 20 to 30 meters of open area for the jumper to work in.

How it Works

  1. The jumper starts off standing on the left leg with the right ankle in the hand and pulled close to the buttocks.
  2. The jumper should slightly drop their hips and spring upward with the leg and with the free arm.
  3. They need to spring upward and jump as far as they can in this drill.
  4. Keep jumping for 20 to 30m, then rest for 30 seconds and go on the other leg.
  5. Rest, and repeat the entire drill.

Coaching Tips

  • Jumpers should focus on the technique of each hop, rather than just hopping to the end of the 30m as fast as they can. The jumps should not be simple hops, but rather jumps that spring forward.