Stresses a good layout position from the high jumper.


  • You need a stable box that is able to withstand the pressure of a jump.
  • The box should be placed about 2 feet away from the bar.
  • The bar should be set at a height that allows the jumper to clear it with relative ease.

How it Works

  1. From a standing position, the jumper will stand with his or her back to the bar.
  2. With a two foot takeoff, the jumper leaps back (with arm swing) and extends the body over the bar.
  3. The upper body leads over the bar with the knees bent slightly and spread apart to near shoulder width.
  4. The jumper should finish with the thighs lifting the rest of the legs, knees, and then feet over the bar.

Coaching Tips

  • On the jump, the high jumper’s head should be turned to the side to watch the body clear the bar.
  • Watch the entire jump closely to make sure the jumper’s technique over the bar is perfected and any kinks are ironed out.