Track - Hurdles - Blocks

Team Warmup (15 Minutes)

Jogging Warmup: 2-3 Laps, Jog Forward, Skip Forward, Jog Backward, Skip Backward, Side Shuffles

Dynamic Warmup: Arm Swings, Leg Swings Side to Side & Front to Back, Glute Kick Run, Straight Leg Bound, High Knee Run, Backwards Run

Team Static Stretch: Shoulder/Chest, Butterfly, Seated Hamstring, Hip Twist, Kneeling Hip Flexor, Quads, Calves

Build-Ups: 3 x 80m – 60%, 80%, 80%

Hurdle Drills (60 Minutes)

Ghost Hurdle Drill (15 Minutes)

Purpose:  Hurdlers work on race fundamentals, such as acceleration throughout the run, good stride rhythm and jumping form.

Setup:  Set up hurdles as you would for a typical race; however, only set up the middle two lanes with hurdles. Runner will run on either side of the hurdles.

How It Works:

1.  Runners use blocks to start, running this race as though it were the real thing.

2. The only difference between this drill and the real thing is the hurdles.

3. The hurdler will run beside the hurdles that are set up, but still hurdling them as though the hurdles were in front of them.

4. This drill is purely aimed at allowing the runner to focus on running the race, rather than making sure they get over the hurdles.

Coaching Tips: 

Over the Hurdle & Sprint Drill (15 Minutes)

Purpose:  Stresses quick trail-leg recovery and active landing.

Setup:  You need one low hurdle.

How It Works:

1.  Hurdler stands at low hurdle.

2. Hurdler places bent lead leg over the hurdle, leans forward and pushes off his trail leg.

3. Hurdler lands on lead foot on other side of hurdle, brings the trail leg over and immediately sprints 10 meters straight ahead.

4. Perform multiple repetitions.

Coaching Tips: 

First Hurdle Drill (15 Minutes)

Purpose:  Hurdler develops their technique for going over the first hurdle.

Setup:  Set up the starting blocks as done for the beginning of the race. Place one hurdle at the normal first hurdle position.

How It Works:

1.  The hurdler bursts out of the starting blocks and sprints to the first hurdle – maintaining their lean while hurdling the first hurdle.

2. That is the drill in a nutshell.

3. Work on the drill until the form is acceptable.

Coaching Tips: 

Hurdle Add On Drill (15 Minutes)

Purpose:  This is a progression drill that helps the hurdler focus on his or her form through a series of hurdles.

Setup:  Start this drill with 5 hurdles set up at regular race intervals and at the proper height for the hurdler

How It Works:

1.  From the starting blocks, the hurdler bursts out and hurdles the first 5 hurdles at full speed, focusing on form.

2. If there is a mistake in form, or a hurdle goes down, the hurdler repeats the drill with 5 hurdles.

3. If the hurdler successfully consistently completes the drill with all 5 hurdles standing, then add two hurdles.

4. This will likely happen as a progression over the course of several practices.

Coaching Tips: 

Team Cooldown (15 Minutes)

Jogging Cool Down (5 Minutes): 1-2 Laps, Jog Forward, Jog Backward, Side Shuffles

200m Walking (5 Minutes): Heel Walk, Backwards Walk

Team Static Stretch (5 Minutes): Shoulder/Chest, Groin, Hips, Quads, Calves

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