Hurdlers work on race fundamentals, such as acceleration throughout the run, good stride rhythm and jumping form.


  • Set up hurdles as you would for a typical race; however, only set up the middle two lanes with hurdles. Runner will run on either side of the hurdles.

How it Works

  1. Runners use blocks to start, running this race as though it were the real thing.
  2. The only difference between this drill and the real thing is the hurdles.
  3. The hurdler will run beside the hurdles that are set up, but still hurdling them as though the hurdles were in front of them.
  4. This drill is purely aimed at allowing the runner to focus on running the race, rather than making sure they get over the hurdles.

Coaching Tips

  • Watch the race for potential misses, and to make sure the runner maintains form, even though they are not going over the real hurdles.