Builds core strength and works on trunk rotation technique.


  • Each thrower should have enough room to sit down with their legs in front of them with the discus lifted to the side.

How it Works

  1. Thrower should sit with their legs in front of them, spread in a ‘V’.
  2. The discus should be in the throwing hand and the thrower should reach as far as they can behind them, using their trunk to turn back as far as possible, and then their arm and shoulder.
  3. You want the hips to square up, then the waist and trunk, the shoulders and then bring the arm around.

Coaching Tips

  • At first, this drill should be run slowly, in order to work on the proper rotation and delivery.
  • Each of the motions in this drill should be exaggerated until they are perfected; then increase the speed of this drill.