Works on getting a good trajectory and on release point and extension.


  • You need a shot put and an open area to throw it.

How it Works

  1. The thrower stands at the front edge of the throwing circle, exactly where they would be releasing the shot put in competition.
  2. They hold the shot put against their jaw in the position just prior to releasing the shot put.
  3. Then, instead of thrusting forward, the thrower slowly extends their arm up at a 45 degree angle and then flips the shot put off the end of their fingertips.
  4. This simulates the wrist flip they should get when throwing the shot put in competition.

Coaching Tips

  • A common error for beginning shot putters is not extending or “snapping” the wrist. The thrower should “flick” the shot put off their fingertips to add inches to their throw. Watch for a proper release with a good wrist extension. You don’t want the athlete to simply let go of the shot. They should be snapping their wrist.