Thrower works on driving the right leg (sweeping leg) forward to generate power on the throw.


  1. Throwers can do this drill with or without a discus.

How it Works

  1. Thrower starts in the ready position, with feet more than shoulder width apart.
  2. If using the discus, it should be up and the waist should be coiled.
  3. Thrower takes three windups and on the third windup, brings the discus back and then brings it around as if he or she were going to throw.
  4. Once thrower feels like he or she can move the right leg freely, this is when they lift it up, extend it back and then use it to sweep around, leading with the knee.
  5. Do not throw the discus.
  6. Thrower should land on the right foot after it was used to build momentum.

Coaching Tips

  • If using the discus, it should be held in the palm with fingers loosely over the rim.
  • Make sure thrower is using momentum from right leg to generate power.