Runners practice the seven steps that its should take them to go from acceleration zone into exchange zone.


  • Four runners line up in a row with proper spacing. First runner has baton.

How it Works

  1. Runners pump their arms and move their feet in place.
  2. Coach counts out: “one-three-five-seven” to simulate the seven steps it takes to go from acceleration zone to exchange zone.
  3. If first pass is right hand to left hand runners raise their left legs together and coach says, “One” when left leg hits the ground.
  4. He says, “three” when left leg hits again. Then “five” and then “seven.”
  5. On “seven,” the first receiver reaches back to receive the baton.

Coaching Tips

  • Make sure each receiver observes the proper fundamentals when reaching back for the baton. Elbow back first, leading the forearm and hand. Palm is up and arm is fully extended near shoulder height.
  • Drill can be run at different tempos and should get faster over time.