Runners practice passing the baton.


  • Four runners line up, with arms extended to maintain proper spacing.
  • They line up along a surface with a line down the middle – like a track or tile floor.

How it Works

  1. Runners stand with feet stationary. They pump their arms in a running motion.
  2. First runner has the baton.
  3. Coach says “Go.”
  4. Second runner reaches back to receive baton.
  5. Runners continue moving their arms. Coach says, “Go” again.
  6. Third runner reaches back to receive baton.
  7. Drill continues through fourth runner.

Coaching Tips

  • When passing baton, for example, from runner’s right hand to receiver’s left, the passer is on the left side of the line and the receiver is on the right. The opposite is true for left hand to right hand pass.
  • Emphasize that neither runner should ever move across the line with their feet.
  • You can shuffle runners around to see who passes and receives better with their right or left hands.