Vaulters gain confidence in their ability to jump higher.


  • A regular pole vault setup. Plus, the coach must be on hand.

How it Works

  1. This drill starts as a normal practice pole vault, only it has a catch … or rather a push.
  2. Vaulter takes a full speed approach.
  3. Vaulter then sticks the pole into the box, and the coach comes in behind the vaulter.
  4. Once the pole is planted and the jumper leans back, the vaulter gets a firm push on the back from the coach.

Coaching Tips

  • Give the vaulter a solid two hand push in the back. This will help the jumper with their confidence and aggressiveness as the push allows them to go higher and challenge their personal bests.
  • Confidence is important for the vaulter, especially if they want to reach higher and be more aggressive.