Vaulter learns to keep legs extended through the takeoff, which helps to build the momentum to swing the body up to the bar.


  • You will need a regular set up for the vault, and you will need two people on either side of the pit holding a rope across the jumping area. The rope should be held at a point where the vaulter can hook their foot with the leg extended.

How it Works

  1. The vaulter approaches the box, plants, and then lifts the body and tries to hook the foot on the rope with an extended leg.
  2. If the rope is not hooked, then the leg was not extended enough. The rope should be released to not impede the pole as it goes over.

Coaching Tips

  • Vaulters should not try to clear the bar with this drill only to hook their foot on the rope.
  • Proper leg extension aids in the swing up to get the body in an inverted position for the final push off before the jumper lifts their legs over the bar. If the legs are flexed, the jumper cannot swing the body upward to complete the jump.