Hurdlers work on keeping their form and hitting a standard takeoff and landing point.


  1. Mark off the distance from the hurdle that the runner should take off from and land on.
  2. Place 4 hurdles along the track at the regular race interval (8.5 meters).

How it Works

  1. Sprinter starts this drill either from a standing start or from the blocks.
  2. They run forward attempting to take off on the mark and land on the next mark.
  3. Approach the first hurdle.
  4. If a runner misses a mark, he or she should stop the drill and go back to the beginning.
  5. The goal is to hit all of the marks on a consistent basis without hitting the hurdles.

Coaching Tips

  • The idea of having the marks is to create a mental image of where the runner should be taking off from in order to continue the maximum speed and acceleration, while clearing the hurdle.
  • Once the runner becomes proficient with 4 hurdles, you can add one hurdle at a time to build consistency down the entire track.