This drill focuses on the lead leg and helps the hurdler develop the best technique to get it over the hurdles.


  • You can set up an entire length of hurdles or just use 4 or 5 hurdles placed at regular race intervals.

How it Works

  1. Hurdler starts next to the first hurdle on the side of the hurdle that is opposite their leading leg.
  2. If you lead with your right leg, you will be on the left side of the hurdle to start.
  3. The drill starts with the runner lifting their lead leg with the proper form (high knee, extension and then land), without the trailing leg, and then running to the next hurdle and doing the same thing.

Coaching Tips

  • In this drill, hurdlers run next to the hurdles, they do not directly jump over them.
  • This drill is for the lead leg only – in order to work on the proper form for this leg.